Monday, May 23, 2011

Guiding your Childs Maturity

The different ideas of what maturity really is can be very different, conflicting, and biased.  When I was a young boy in school; I got so sick of hearing about how much more mature girls are as compared to boys our age.  Instead of voicing that, I just decided to believe that people only said that because on average girls have better hand writing than boys; therefore, they could communicate their ideas better to adults, because adults would take the time to read what they wrote, I also decided that all teachers and parents were sexist and prejudiced at this point, I think I had just turned 6 years old when I decided that.  Thanks to a conversation I over heard between two teachers, I knew exactly what both the words sexist and prejudiced meant.

It didn’t matter anyway, because by high school, everyone was extremely immature.  Boy or girl, they were immature, scared, and excited.  Everyone had very little idea of who they were, who they were going to be, and even who they wanted to be.  Which I believe is the definition of maturity.

I think maturity is, knowing exactly who you are, being happy with what you have become, and accepting your limitations, but always trying to surpass them.

One tool I use to help my children mature is I do a lot of “Think on your feet questions with them.”  For example; I’ll ask: “Son how would you tell your best friend that he has bad breath?” or “How would you explain the theory of gravity to a 3 year old?” or “If you were going to be marooned on a deserted Island and you were only allowed to bring one thing, what would it be?”  Exercises like this can really help your child take an active part in his/her own development.  He/she will know how to evaluate him/her self on his/her own objectively and be able to determine if his answers represent what kind of person he wants to strive to be.

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